Wiltshire Farmer Seriously Upset Over Crop Circle Hoaxers Trashing His ‘Valuable’ Barley Seed-Crop

Near Swindon, Wiltshire
Reported June 29 2014 (16)

The farmer of this land kindly allowed us access to this circle for a fast ground inspection prior to him cutting the formation out, (which he has now done we understand). The barley in this field is a ‘seed-crop’ and as such is (relatively speaking) extremely valuable stock – so we can quite understand the landowner being extremely upset at what he considers to be a premeditated vandalism event in his field. On the ground the circle was extremely mashed and crushed in a pattern of damage that left one with no doubt that this was a mechanically produced circle, and a rather rushed one at that. Attempts to weave the crop looked rushed and clumsy with particularly massive damage to the laid plants in these areas. The farmer is preparing this field for harvest and will be very angry if people attempt to enter his field.

Aerial Photography by Monique Klinkenbergh © 2014
Ground Photography / Report by Charles R Mallett © 2014

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