‘We will NEVER accept EU telling us what to do’ Hungarian minister attacks European elites (Good for him!)

Mr Szijjárto reiterated his call for EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker to resign
Mr Szijjárto reiterated his call for EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker to resign
Mr Szijjárto reiterated his call for EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker to resign

By OLI SMITH – From express.co.uk

THE Hungarian Foreign Minister hit out at unelected Brussels officials for denying that “uncontrolled migration” has wreaked havoc across the EU which has seen the “harassment of women and the threat of terror soar”

Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian foreign minister, said that the EU will “never, ever accept the mandatory quota for migrants”.

The remarks come a week before the country holds a defiant referendum on whether to let the EU decide Hungary’s migrant policy.

During an interview with France24, the foreign minister said that the EU was “acting stupid” for denying the chaos that uncontrolled immigration has caused.

He said: “We have to be very clear. We will never, never, ever accept the mandatory quota for migrants.”

The ballot on 2nd October will ask if Hungarians agree that the EU should be allowed to override national parliaments on migration issues. Recent polls show that at least 70 per cent agree with government’s ‘No’ position. The referendum was triggered after the EU wanted to impose ‘mandatory migrant quotas’ on every country.

In response, Hungary joined with Slovakia in challenging the plan in the European Court of Justice. Billboards across the country proclaim that Brussels plans to relocate a city’s worth of potential terrorists to Hungary. When asked about the incendiary slogans around the referendum campaign – linking migrants to attacks on women and terrorism – Mr Szijjártó remained resolute. He said: “Well, this is the case! It happens, it is true.

“We can be hypocritical. We can continue to be political correct. But you see the outcome.

“It’s a stupid debate. Uncontrolled migration has led to an increasing threat of terror in Europe. It has and will continue to do so.

“There have been hundreds of thousands entering the EU without knowing who they are.”

Mr Szijjártó, who reiterated his call for EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to resign, says European elites are out of touch with their own people.

He said that the migrant crisis on the ground has caused a “security issue” within communities and destroyed the concept of borders.

The foreign minister added: “Most of the European people disagree with their own governments and European elites.”

Hungary, which has built a fence along its borders to stop the flow of migrants, said that the closure of the Balkan routes – which he called a “success” – was led by Hungary and not the EU. Some 400,000 migrants passed through Hungary last year bound for western Europe, but the number has since plummeted after the border was sealed off. He echoed his Prime Minister Viktor Orban who wants to limit the number of Muslim migrants let into the country. Last year, Mr Orban said: “If we let the Muslims onto the continent to compete with us, they will outnumber us.” Mr Szijjártó agreed and told France24: “Europe is Christian. There is no debate about it. You cannot challenge this.

“And so we want to decide who we let into our country, not the EU. It’s simple.”

This week, Mr Orban again made the news after suggesting that migrants who have entered the EU illegally should be deported to camps outside the bloc, such as on an island, or on the north African coast. The Prime Minister said: “Whoever came in illegally should be gathered together and taken out, not to other countries, but outside the EU.

“Let’s take them out of the EU territory. This is the remedy for all the problems.”

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