UFO Barely Misses US Army Helicopter – Video

In 1973, the crew of an Army Helicopter encountered a UFO and subsequently won $5,000 for “the most scientifically valuable report of the year.”

Such a large number of sightings took place in October 1973 that the period is often referred to as the Great UFO Wave. It’s fortunate that one of them was witnessed by a crew of credible witnesses. On October 18, at approximately 10:30 p.m., an Army Reserve Bell UH-1 (Huey) helicopter took off from Port Columbus, Ohio. It was headed for Cleveland Hopkins Airport, about 100 miles to the north. Its crew consisted of four men: Captain Lawrence J. Coyne, First Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi, Sergeant John Healey and Sergeant Robert Yanacsek.




After the unidentified object lost interest, Captain Coyne and his crew became aware of their altitude and managed to safely descend to 2,500 feet. Radio contact with Akron-Canton Airport and the rest of their flight was uneventful.

Their UFO encounter would become one of the most well-documented cases and one of the most reliable sightings. When questioned, the four men gave similar descriptions of the event and provided similar sketches. As further confirmation of the incident, ground witnesses reported seeing a mysterious light in the sky. More than forty years later, this UFO encounter is still fascinating and still unexplained.

Source: http://7tales.net/ufo-barely-misses-us-army-helicopter-video-783.html