Turkey Opens Underground City Never Before Seen by the Public

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The underground city of Nevsehir in the central part of Turkey was discovered in 2014 after excavation. It will soon be opening its doors for tourists from all over the world. RIA Novosti correspondent Alena Palachzhencko visited the city and met with archaeologists working on restorations.

Nevsehir is the capital of the province where the world-famous historic district of Cappadocia is situated. Nevsehir in itself has never been a tourist destination. Many tourists who come to Cappadocia usually do not stop here but go a little further, into the depths of the bizarre tuff landscape such as the Goreme, Urgup or Gülşehir.

Nevsehir, in general is a fairly traditional modern Turkish city. It is friendly, green, hilly and quiet. It also has some tourist attractions such as the Damat Ibrahim mosque complex which has now been turned into a public library. However, there are reasons to assume that in the near future, the city will have to think about taking in a large number of visitors because the largest underground city in the world is situated in the heart of Nevsehir. Heart of Cappadocia The excavation is currently in full swing. The underground city has no name for now but in its scale it exceeds the largest Cappadocian underground city of Derinkuyu. “It is not right to call this city underground because it is not so much inside the earth as it spreads on the mountain itself and it has deep individual rooms, galleries and numerous tunnels inside the zone,” head of the excavation, archaeologist Ali Aydin told RIA correspondent.

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