Stockholm Syndrome: #Candles4EU – Anti-Brexit Brigade ‘Mourn’ Article 50 by Lighting Candles (LOL)


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Opponents of Brexit are posting pictures of candles on social media to show their “sadness and sense of loss” at the UK triggering Article 50 ahead of a candlelit vigil to be held in central London Wednesday night.

Using the hashtag #candles4EU and #NotInMyName, the campaign has been supported by Labour Party MPs, university professors, and activists. Many Brexit supporters, however, have mocked the initiative.

“Please post your candle pics to say #candles4EU. Fight against Brexit madness far from over, but today we mourn #NotInMyName #Brexlit”, declared the Twitter account LabourAgainstBrexit.

“[Exeter Labour party] members will be mourning #Article50 triggering tomorrow by lighting #candles4EU outside the Guildhall [at] 6pm. Do come along,” added the Labour MP for Exeter Ben Bradshaw.

“#BrexitDay: The day which will go down in history as the day the gov’t allowed racism, sexism and islamophobia to reign free #NotInMyName,” blasted Amy Shaw‏.

“Happy #StupidDay, I mean, #BrexitDay,” tweeted The London Economic magazine alongside an article titled: “Did only stupid people vote for Brexit?”

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