Secondary Field Report From September 3 Dutch Maize (Horseshoe) Crop Circle – Close Ground Photography, VIDEO


From Annemieke Witteveen

Date Reported: September 3, 2014
Location: Hoeven, Holland
Crop: Maize (full-grown)

Field Report by Annemieke Witteveen

On the morning of September 5th I went to the maize formation in Hoeven. This formation was found on the morning of September 3rd. In the evening of the 4th the farmer kindly granted permission to enter the field. He placed a moneybox at the beginning of a red and white ribbon you have to follow to end up inside the formation.

When you make your way through the stems of appr. 3 metres high it feels like if you are walking through a jungle. By the time you have the feeling you are led into nowhere the ribbon ends and there is suddenly light and you can see the flattened maize in front of you. I entered the formation around 10.45 am. on this very cloudy and even hazy day (September 5 2014).

In the past few days it hasn’t rained but the soil was very moist. Probably because the sun does not get as far as the ground to dry it because of the density of the crop. From the muddy tracks on the flattened crop I could tell some visitors already paid a visit to the formation. The laid crop was not completely trampled though.

The formation has a shape that resembles a horseshoe. The crop is laid anti-clockwise. In length it is approximitly 13 metres long and 2,5 metres wide. When I step on the flattened crop I could hear and feel the laid stems snap under my feet.

Eventhough yesterday was a very sunny and warm day I could not see stems that have grown back upwards like in the Etten Leur formation of July 16th. Because I am very intriged by that specific event I looked around for anomalies very closely – Unfortunately I did not find any.

What struck me most was the enormous amount of broken stems. Quite a few had several breaking points along the length of the stem – some were torn off but almost all of them were broken. Hardly any were bent. Some stems seemed bent at first but when I took a close look and opened the thin brown leaves around the bottom you could see the damage underneath. It is unlikely that any of these stems will rise again for all the sap flow is interrupted which makes it impossible for the maize to feed itself and/or get the energy required to rise upwards again. When I tried to bend a stem it snapped and some fluid was shown on the breaking-line. It was impossible to lay down stems without ruining them.

The underlying lay of crop was already starting to rot and showed soft brown tissue. Within a few days I expect people will find cobs with seeds that look like popcorn. This is not an effect of the ‘circle making energy’ but rather a plant disease called ‘Corn Smut’.The cobs are almost fully grown and will be harvested within two or three weeks. There was no difference in size between a laid down cob and a cob on the standing stems. Some cobs on the ground were eaten by rabbits.

Ground Photography/Videos/Report by Annemieke Witteveen © 2014

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