Saudi ‘Religious Cops’ To Use Sharia Law On Sorcery / Magic



Saudi ‘religious police’ are being trained to take on sorcery using Sharia Law.

According to the news website Emirates 24|7, thirty members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, a Saudi Arabian government agency sometimes referred to as the ‘religious police’ and tasked with enforcing Sharia Law within the country, have completed a five-day course on combating magic. reports..

The course was held at the Commission’s headquarters in Riyadh, and the trainees apparently engaged in theoretical and practical lessons on how to deal with magic, destroy black artwork and identify magicians and sorcerers. Apparently such training sessions are nothing new, as similar courses were conducted in 2009 during the creation of an ‘anti-witchcraft unit’, the web portal Al Bawaba points out.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia apparently considers magic a serious threat. Sorcery is outlawed and works of fiction that deal with the subject, such as the Harry Potter saga, are banned.


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