RT: Dutch Police Train Raptors To Take Down UAVs – Vid

Raptor drone interceptor -© Politie / YouTube

Raptor drone interceptor -© Politie / YouTube


As the widespread availability of drones is starting to pose security risks, Dutch police are taking a medieval approach to the problem, training eagles and hawks to intercept UAVs in flight.

rt.com reports..

“In the future drones will be used increasingly, so will increase the number of incidents involving the drones. Drones can also be used for criminal purposes,” police said in a statement on its website. So the law enforcement partnered up with a bird training company ‘Guard From Above’ to teach raptors to take down “hostile” drones.

The police released a video showing first results of the training. In the video a hawk snatches the UAV and carries it away.

Read more: https://www.rt.com/news/330931-hawks-eagles-intercept-drones/

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