RT: Cat takes extreme flight on plane wing – and survives! (VIDEO)


RT: Cat takes extreme flight on plane wing – and survives! (VIDEO)
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One daring feline has accidentally performed a stunt flight on a light aircraft’s wing, a recent YouTube video shows. It took a while for the pilot and passenger to notice their furry passenger, but in the end, no additional kitty lives were taken. The video, aptly titled ‘Remove cat before flight’ was posted by YouTube user Romain Jantot on Sunday, who was apparently the pilot of the light plane. He says the cat’s wild air ride took place in a flying club in Kourou, French Guiana.

It starts off as a normal flight until about 40 seconds into the clip. That is when the cat creeps into view, appearing eartips-first from further down the plane’s left wing. The animal appears understandably bewildered, clinging to the wing with its eyes wide open. But it is not until another 20 seconds pass, and the cat is already halfway in the cockpit, that the pilot and the passenger notice it. The pilot immediately starts to turn the craft around to land and deliver the surprise extra passenger to safety.

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