Cult Watch: – ‘Report A crop Circle Formation’ (RACCF) Group Ex Administrator Gives An Insiders View Of The History And Development Of The Bizarre RACCF/Pyrka Phenomenon – VIDEO


Cult Watch:-‘Report A crop Circle Formation’ (RACCF) Group Ex Administrator Gives An Insiders View Of The History And Development Of The Bizarre RACCF/Pyrka Phenomenon – VIDEO


In the summer of 2009 a new and bizarre element entered the crop circle scene. It was/is known as Andrew Pyrka. Along with a loyal band of followers Pyrka set out to tell the world of his ‘truth’ with regards to the circles phenomenon.

Pyrka became a vocal personality on the crop circle world-stage due to an alleged UFO event he and a friend (Paul Jones) witnessed during that summer. It was later revealed by Jones that the UFO was a mundane sighting of a tethered airship in the distance – and was deliberately turned into a major UFO encounter by Pyrka, apparently to bolster his popularity and perceived importance and to make money.

Pyrka quickly built up a substantial following due to media coverage of his alleged encounter and was soon regarded as a crop circle ‘expert researcher’ by many.

In early 2010 Pyrka created a Facebook forum/group called ‘Report A Crop Circle Formation’ (RACCF) – which soon became the number one place for discussion on all matters circles, with Pyrka becoming a priest-like leader of this organisation – declaring what is or is not ‘real’ in terms of crop circles manifestations and research.

Something was wrong…This man had only just arrived on the crop circle scene a year or so earlier – with apparently no broad understanding of the long-range historical context of a world-wide cc phenomenon.

Krsanna Duran was invited to become primary administrator of the RACCF group at it’s inception and is better qualified than anyone to give a perspective on what became a cult-like organisation, run with a level of intolerance for differing opinions that has never before been seen in the crop circles arena.

Charles R Mallett


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