Recent And Eye Opening Excavations Underway On Easter Island


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In the 1950’s, Thor Heyerdahl and his team were the first to conduct major excavations on Easter Island, known to the local indigenous people as Rapa Nui. To their very great surprise, they found that the massive stone heads, called Moai, of which there are more than 900, were attached in most cases to complete bodies. The one in the photo above is one of the largest.

More recent excavations are now underway, mainly in the Rano Raraku quarry, which is inside a giant volcanic crater. About 95 percent of the Moai were carved of stone from either inside or on the flanks of the crater. The largest one was never finished, and can still be seen in situ. If completed, it would have weighed 270 tonnes, with a height of 21.7 meters or 71 feet.

These recent excavations are off limits to the general public, but we will attempt to get permission when we go there with Robert Bauval in November 2017. Should this not be possible, then we will fly quadcopters into the crater in order to document the Moai present. Most estimates are that there are 375 Moai within the crater itself, and a total of about 900 on the island overall.

There will be a maximum of 35 guests on the November tour, and as of February 13, 4 of those places have been taken. To learn more about the Easter Island Tour, as well as the major exploration tour of Peru and Bolivia which preceeds it, check out this link HERE.