Physicist: ‘Your Mind Can Control Matter’


From Tara MacIsaac

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—The famed quantum physics experiment known as the double slit experiment provided shocking evidence decades ago of the mind’s ability to control matter (see video below for a simple illustration of this experiment).

Atomic particles were shown to also be waves. Whether they manifested as waves or as particles depended on whether someone was looking. Observation influenced the physical reality of the particles—in more technical language, observation collapsed the wave function.

Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger devised an equation to show the wave-like properties of matter. Observation isn’t, however, accounted for in this equation or in any other quantum equation, because it is subjective and not objective, explained engineer and physicist Alan Ross Hugenot at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) 2014 conference in Newport Beach, Calif., on Aug. 29.

Hugenot holds a doctorate of science in mechanical engineering, and has had a successful career in marine engineering, serving on committees that write the ship-building standards for the United States. He studied physics and mechanical engineering at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Hugenot spoke of a theory that addresses the question of observation.

Dr. Evan Harris Walker, a physicist who worked at the Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory–Aberdeen Proving Grounds, tried to include observation in Schrödinger’s equation. In 2000, Walker described two hidden variables. One is the will channel, and the other is the consciousness channel, Hugenot explained.

The will channel, what a person wills, is positive. The consciousness channel, what’s on a person’s mind, is negative, Hugenot said. A positive and a negative cancel each other out, so these two functions don’t appear in the equations. But when they meet, they collapse the wave function.

Most people have a lot on their minds—what they need to pick up on the way home from work, what appointments they have coming up, et cetera. These thoughts in the consciousness channel often block the will channel, Hugenot said. The consciousness and the will aren’t attuned. But, if they were, people could materialize what they want. They could will things into existence.

“Your mind controls matter,” Hugenot said definitively to a crowd at the conference.

“I know you don’t know how to do that. How many [people here] are concert pianists? Nobody is a concert pianist here? Why not? Because you didn’t practice … But some people are concert pianists, aren’t they? And what have they done? Lots of failures, lots of study, lots of learning how to do it.”

“I’m working at being a medium so I can learn to do some of this stuff,” he said. “I don’t restrict myself from anything.”

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