October 3 2014: New (Mustard) Crop Circle Reported In Holland


From robbertvandenbroeke.nl

Date Reported: October 3 2014
Location: Zevenbergen, Holland
Crop: Mustard

Full report and close ground photography pending.

Translated with Google Translate:

Robbert had a feeling that it was not done this year, despite that there are already 16 formations have appeared in 2014 on the evening of October 2 him Robbert had a visit from a number of people. Already during this visit, he felt a certain unease, he only spoke only after almost everyone had left again. Only Stan and Roy were still with him. He really knew for sure that was going to happen again, and when he opened it, he actually was immediately named ‘Black Mountain’ inside. He saw in his mind a field with three circles, one large one with a ring around it.

Roy had just no idea where he could be found on the map, Black Mountain, but Robbert knew this was near Zevenbergen and said that in the past there has often circles had appeared in the area. Stan had an appointment yet, so they dropped them off at home first (Stan has been witness to the emergence of circles in the presence of Robbert several times). Roy and Robbert hit by direction Zevenbergen. Along Robbert said he hoped there would be an owl flying over the field again … ..

It turned very dark in the area where they had been. There were hardly any lanterns and they stopped along a road on one side were very large trees. When they got out they saw on the other side of the road with a ditch behind a field where mustard seed grew. They looked for a crossing to come. Field Robbert had subsequently suffered back on his feelings. They had not directly into the field, but first a bit wide to the right and then down the side of the field back to run. After about 50 meters Robbert stopped. At that time, Roy noticed that something came flying across the field right to their off. It turned out to be a big owl As if this was going to say; HERE it is. …

Robbert also knew that it was. The owl was gone and Robbert and Roy walked into the field exactly in the direction from which the owl came. It was not long before they were in a tiny mustard seed circle. Directly behind she looked a lie. When she walked a little further, they came into a sort of open hall walk inside, so it seemed. The mustard seed was definitely about five feet high. A beautiful large circle, just as Robbert had described when they were at home. The large circle actually had no center, this seemed to be up to speak. Quite a bit shifted

Robbert felt a rotational energy which was very fresh and works especially hard.

The next day Roy went back to take pictures. Ronald Sikking also was there again with his Drone to make. Aerial shots This is good to see that there is indeed a ring around the great circle passing. A lot stems appeared very beautiful to be just above the ground bent.

We are working to trasseren, the owner of the land, but that is not yet succeeded. If we know more than we report that immediately.

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