Mysterious lights spotted in the night skies of Lincolnshire, UK





People have reported seeing mysterious lights in the night skies over Lincolnshire. Doreen Mattison, 73, from Branston, said she saw a set of two dull yellowy lights over the Washingborough area at about 10.30pm on Monday and Tuesday as she walked her dog.

“One Monday the lights seemed to be going around in an orbit whereas on Tuesday it was one light travelling behind the other.

“My daughter was with me on Tuesday and she seemed to think they had come from the direction of Waddington.”

Other residents in Lincoln and the surrounding area have reported seeing what appeared to be the lights of a helicopter which was involved in the search for a missing person following a car crash.

Lincoln seems to have had its very own UFO visitors over recent years. Last December, retired airline captain Paul Howard appeared to have captured three UFOs on camera. He said at the time: “I hadn’t noticed anything strange when I took the photo but I was quite surprised to see three very interesting saucer-like shapes in the sky when I looked at the picture on my computer.

“As a retired airline captain I spent 33 years flying without ever seeing anything I couldn’t explain, although I know pilots have seen Venus at its brightest and considered taking avoiding action, so I was quite chuffed to have captured three UFOs on my camera….until it dawned on me what had occurred…quite unintentionally.

“I was inside when I took the picture and I’ve caught the reflection of the kitchen lights in the window.”

On the night of June 5, 2014, Gail Phillips and her husband were looking for the International Space Centre in the sky above Birchwood. They believed they had spotted it when a small light appeared in the sky and appeared to hover.

Gail said: “We thought it was too dark to be a remote helicopter and then it started to move backwards which was a little strange.”

Explanations for the light were never confirmed.

And back in May 2014 a Lincolnshire allotment keeper believed he had captured an image of a UFO on his security camera.

Gary Ingham appeared to have captured a trail of light above the allotments on Canwick Hill in Lincoln.

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