June 21 2005 – Mike Booth Sees Three White Objects Bending Wheat Crop At Boreham Down, Wiltshire – PHOTOS / VIDEO


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boreham objects

On Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 6:30 pm, the Englishman Mike Booth was riding next to Boreham Down, when his attention was caught by three objects moving slowly in the field on the left hand side of the road. The objects were brushing through the top of the crops, depressing the heads of the wheat, leaving a trail about 20-30cm lower than the rest of the crop in the field.

Computer-generated Images of White objects placed by Mike Booth in one of his photos to illustrate what he saw
on June 21st.

The objects did not create a crop formation, but left four tracks, about a metre wide, where the objects had been seen. These tracks did not form any sort of pattern, and just ended abruptly. The tracks were still there when Mike came back to the field with his camera the next day.

One of the 20-30 cm deep trails left by the objects, ending abruptly, leaving no marks.

Mike observed the objects from a distance of about 200 yards. They appeared to be about 120cm long with about two to three feet of a curved top. They were very simple forms with no edge or contours. The shape was not unlike a PC mouse or a ‘top box’ on the roof rack of cars. Mike stopped his bike. It was clear to him that he witnessed something out of the ordinary, something he had never seen before. He considered several possible explanations: Could they be farmers with some strange gear, scientific field test equipment, or hoaxers hiding under some kind of moulds? But the paths were between the tram lines and he was thinking no farmer would break down his own crop just randomly.

Computer designed illustration of the objects Mike Booth saw moving among the wheat heads.

After some minutes of observing he got on his bike and rod off on his normal circuit. In hindsight he cannot understand why he didn’t walk up to the crafts. He also had his mobile phone with a camera in his pocket that he considered using. However an overwhelming feeling came over him that said no. The next day a wonderful crop circle was discovered in the same field, only 180m from the slope where Mike Booth observed the metallic objects. Whether there is any con- nection between the two occurrences, we might never know. Regrettable no photographs of the three objects exist. The only photographical evidence is Mike Booth’s own photos of the trails left in the grain. In one of these photos (to the left) he has pasted data generated representations of the object to illustrate what he saw.

Mike Booth statement, 2006:

On June the 21st 2005 about 6.30 in the evening, Mike Booth was riding his bike on the small road from Marlborough to Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, like he does every other night. It was a sunny, calm and beautiful evening:

As I was cycling like I do every other night, coming down the hill from Lockeridge, my attention was caught by three white, metallic objects in the field above the road, on the slope to the left of the road. I immediately stopped and very quickly realized that I was looking at something that I had never seen before. The object were white, sort of metallic colour, about a metre and a half wide, two metres long and about a metre above the green wheat in the field. At first I was trying to rationalize the situation and what the objects were and I thought they might be scientific test equipment that was statically positioned in the field. I then thought for a moment that they were some form of radio controlled object. And then the next thought came into my mind as to why the crop would be broken down in the field when there’s obviously tractor trails for the tractor to drive through, so why would the farmer be breaking the crop down? Yet what was very obvious that there were three distinct trails in the wheat behind the craft, as I call them, that moved down the field. And the wheat was depressed by about 30 cm below the top of the rest of the wheat. And that was very distinct compared with the crop that was around in the rest of the field.

After realizing that I was looking at something that I couldn’t explain, and I’d never seen the likes of the objects before, I made several decisions in my mind, to get of my bike and walk up the track here where I could have got very, very close to one of them, because it was only on the edge of the crop. Every time I went to make that decision, something entered my head saying: “Don’t go and walk up the track. Leave us alone. It’s none of your business!” That was exactly the form it took in my mind. I also have a cell phone with me, and I considered a couple of times taking that out and taking a few photographs. But every time I made that decision, the same feeling came into my head, which is completely out of character with my personality because I wanted to find out what they were.

I literally sat on my bike for three or four minutes watching. After about half that time the craft which was creeping down the field through the wheat very, very slowly, and I should qualify that. They weren’t on the ground, they were hovering in the top of the wheat, gliding through it. They were moving very, very slowly for about two minutes, then I felt this feeling come on that they had become aware of me, and I’d become aware, obviously, of them.

Two days afterwards someone said to me: “Have you seen the new crop circle on the Alton Barnes road”. And I said: “Oh where is that?” And they said: “Well, it’s right where you go cycling, underneath West Woods”. When they told me that I had an incredible replay or rerunning of that evening experience in my mind to the point where I instantly knew that my thoughts and decision making had been influenced by an outside force. That’s exactly how I felt. So much so, I felt physically ill because I knew I had sort of been duked or, if you like, controlled. I tried to be careful about how it affected me, because it did have a big effect at the time. And I’m very conscious of people that have had experiences like that that have completely changed their life, and that have become slave to the experience and let it dominate their future thinking. I haven’t done that. But what I am conscious of, and I am absolutely sure in my own mind, and this is something that I feel that I don’t have to prove to anybody else, is the fact that some other intelligence is either on this planet or visiting this planet. And I’m totally convinced of that after what I’ve seen and witnessed for those four or five minutes.

Andrew Collins discusses the Booth encounter:

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