Hidden Camera Video Shows Saudi Arabia-Like Conditions For Women In France – VIDEO


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France, once considered the capital of world cosmopolitanism, is going through a cultural shift due largely to the influx of Muslim immigrants. One of the major changes that is occurring in parts of the nation is what’s being described as “creeping gender segregation”, where areas are becoming off-limits and even dangerous for French women.

As a recent news segment on France 24 demonstrates, certain areas of France, including the Paris suburb of Sevran, are becoming Saudi Arabia-like in terms of the way women are treated and viewed.

Cafe’s, shops, and streets, once open to all people, are now dominated by Men, and openly hostile to women.

“We are scared in our own country,” declares one French woman.

Source: http://www.hannity.com/articles/election-493995/hidden-camera-video-shows-saudi-arabialike-15431483/

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