First UK Crop Circle Of 2015 Reported- Barbury Castle, Swindon, Wiltshire, April 9 2015

Barbury Castle, Swindon, Wiltshire (01)
April 9 2015

All the Oil-Seed-Rape (OSR) plants examined (between stride-widths of largely un-damaged crop) on day two were crushed and/or broken down in violent fashion – with many stems detached from ground completely. The primary crush / damage patches occur around every two feet or so within the circle. In those areas all stems are broken / crushed. The gaps between those impact areas were stepped over with no impact – so aside from a few broken tops where board brushed over them most of those plants are un-damaged.

All characteristics on ground suggest this is an average/below average hoax attempt and therefore of no practical significance when considering the ‘real’ circles phenomenon. Condition of laid plants suggests the circle has been there for around 2/3 days prior to report date.

Report by Charles R Mallett

Diagram by (C) 2015
Ground Photos / Report by Charles R Mallett (c) 2015