Film-Maker (Edwin van Mossel) Preps To Spill Some Crop Circle Beans?

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By Edwin van Mossel.

Underneath the surface of the beautiful and intriguing crop circle landscape, it turns out there is a lot negativity. For the first time in history all will be exposed in this coming documentary:

Former Dutch Business woman Monique Klinkenbergh decides to follow her heart and leave behind all securities in her life. To tell the world about the crop circle phenomenon in order to get more research started on an academic scientifical level. She also started a campaign to compensate the farmers for the loss of their crops.

Despite all the counter efforts of certain individuals, she keeps on fighting to tell her truth about the crop circle phenomenon. And some elements cannot stand or respect another opinion about the subject. Especially on the internet and through the means of social media there is an ongoing campaign of slaunder in the form of lies and deceipt. Also constant public mockery and even hateful personal attacks are forced upon her. But she keeps on pushing through. As a peaceful fighter. Like a true crop circle amazon warrior. In a very deliberate manner all her efforts are being frustrated beyond belief. The best known

organisation/website which people from all over the world visit first, most likely turns out to be the biggest corrupt player and deciever of them all. In order to attract adverts and paying members. They also have seemed and seem to comission crop circle vandalism – which has done a lot of damage on farmers land over the years. In order to sell their pictures and dvds to a world wide audience. Which has no idea they get conned.

On top of it all this website/organisation are getting some of their photos and video footage from one of the most feared bullies in the crop circle scene. All these lies, deceipt and corruption has smudged the crop circle phenomenon in a severe way. With the result that many people cannot see it clearly for what it is, and/or take it seriously.

Many people do not know that the phenomenon has a history which goes back for centuries. That there is much more to it than meets the eye, dispite all the beauty and splender many of the crop circles represent.

At this moment Monique has organized an extensive exhibition at the church in Marlborough, where many points of view and opinions are displayed and many questions are answered…and raised.

Comment of the documentary maker:
Monique is in no way responsible for the written text above. Nor for the content in the coming documentary. All is solely the choice of the documentary maker; Edwin van Mossel.

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