Every Day, All Day, For A Year We Have Heard From Media Whores That Trump Is A Joke And Has No Shot – VIDEO

Media whores like John Oliver did their best - They didn't realise that people can think for themselves

November 13, 2016 > SilentCircle > From youngcons.com

The media is absolutely stunned that Donald Trump is president.

'Establishment' whores like John Oliver did their best - They didn't realise that people can think for themselves
‘Establishment’ whores like John Oliver did their very VERY best – They didn’t realise that people can think for themselves

They have been detached from Main Street America for so long that they had convinced themselves he had no shot.

In fact, the level of condescension we have seen from the media regarding Trump’s chances of winning has been mind boggling.

Every day, all day, for a year we have heard that Trump is a joke and has no shot.

You had to imagine that someone was going to put together clips of all the pundits being dead wrong about Trump.

Someone did.

Game. Set. Match.

By far the most fulfilling aspect of this election has been watching the delusional pundits trying to figure out what happened.

The 2016 race was one of the worst cases of media malpractice we have ever seen.

The people will never forget the lies.


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