Climate Change and the Freudian Full Frontal




From zengardner

“Are you, like I used to be, sinking under the weight of BLAME for what I/you/we have done to Terra Matre?

Do you lie awake at night and dream of smoke stacks belching tons and tons of “UNSEQESTERABLE” carbon in all it’s forms, mono and di into the atmos-fear, blowing holes into the whole of the O-Zone?

Do you look at the tail pipe of your and your fellow blamees auto-mobiles and cluck in self-disgust, wishing you were not party to the destruction of Terra Matre?

Do you guiltily look at your 500 liter freezer and wish you could do with less, so that terra matre could do with more?

Do you perchance regret each belch, burp and fart and heck, even BREATH, because with every out-cycle, a little molecule of Ozone screams out in it’s death throes?

Fear not, for you are not a-lone.

The great lie of Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever new name/meme has managed to put this massive burden of guilt on a very large part of global pop…..but in truth, it is, in every way, a victory of two vile humans, both related.

Those two men are El Sigmundo Fraud (ooops, I meant Freud) and his nephew, the father of Public Relations, Eduardo Bernays.

Freud, for those who did not know this was a cocaine addict. Just so you know. He was experimenting and he got hooked. So a lot of his balderdash of sex and guilt for-EVAH came from a coke-addled brian.

His theories though were brilliant, not because they were brilliant, but because they brilliantly suited the emergant power cabal of the 20th century, the money masters. Because they had found their man.

You see, the Judeo-Christian ethos, actually a pathos is built on a strong three legged stool: Fear/Sin/Guilt. Angry god, born in Sin and Forever guilty.

Add to this potent mix the confusion of a deep sexual need, never fullfilled, twisted sexual mores leading to perpetual guilty feelings…..until desire itself was equated to sin/guilt.

Now once Fraud was deified and his pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook given academic sanction, the global Judeo-Christian population, at that time the KEY MARKET of the money masters was easy pickings.

Sexualize everything, make people but in, buy it, make every acquisition somehow a replacement for a repressed sexual urge and BINGO, an entire section of the world was forever enslaved.

Caught on the hamster wheel of Fear/Sin/Guilt.

As for the rest of the world, well they knew that they were going to either christianize it or hollywoodize it enough over the decades to come (and they have and how) so the method would work, like a charm (and it has, and HOW!).

Eddy Bernays, using his mon-oncle’s twisted theories, came up with the brilliant strategy of using said triple-thrust to ADVER-tise (do note, most of advertising shares a lot with Adver-sary, no co-incidence, advertising and it’s ugly sibling, Pubic (ahhhh, Public, but you get my drift) relations are a war on our collective consciouness.

This is the reason for the sexualization of EVERYTHING, EVERY THING…and now, most unfortunately, children.

Make everything a sexual object, directly or tangentially and you have the potent brew that has the world consuming, regretting it’s consumption and given the vicious circle created in our minds, consume some more.

And secretly ashamed, always ashamed and guilty.

So, over the last Century and then some, called the Century of the Self, this Uncle-Nephew trickster duo and everything they spawned has sunk people in the mire of consumption and psychiatry.

Both of which drive us mad.

What does that have to do with Climate change?

As it turns out, everything.

As Al Bore, the high priest of Climate science, jetted about the world in his private jet spewing TONS of CO/CO2, telling people, with shiny POWER POINT presentations and vertically rising graphs (how phallic) how the world was going to end and the polar bears were all going to die, because YOU, you guilty, consumptive CONNED-sumer were consuming too much not him.

Oh nose, not his fat arse and his fat home and his fat private aircraft and those of his equally money addled money masters. Not them.

YOU, guilty by consumption.

I am here to tell you today, dear ONE, sleep easy.

Of course something is UP. We are in a time of tremendous change. Shifts on every axis. Internal and external.

Of course we are on a consumptive spiral, bombarded as we are from every pore, into believing that consumption is the cure. Retail Therapy (been guilty me-self, baaaaaad me)….

But we are not even a pip on the scale of planetary forces. We register hardly at all at the scale of the solar system. Galactically…fuggedaboutit…

Of course we need to get off the consumption hamster wheel, of course we need to become more sustainable, of course we need to simplify.

But the reasons for that are for our collective and individual upliftment, cleansing and en-lightenment.

The guilty, if there are such, know who they are and this entire climate change scam is a massive shift of blame from them (a few) to us (the many).

And if there is a hell, then Fraud and Burneys are grinning their joker grins if we allow this.

Stop the self-blame. Drop the guilt burden.

Do NOT believe the main stream lie.

Else, we will have fallen victim to the FRAUD FULL FRONTAL!

Simplify your life so you might have a smaller, literal burden (as without, so within).

Bring balance into all things, not extremes.

Stop eating meat. I cannot overstress this enough, STOP EATING MEAT.

You want to make a single, massive statement and step in the upward direction? STOP EATING MEAT. If you need to know more, ask me why…

The world is as it is because it is IS as it IS.

If you have your hands on a lever, however large or small, use it judiciously.

If large enough to shift the world, use it more judiciously still.

Breathe slowly, deeply….

And know that YOU ARE and IT IS….

I’ll leave you with a pithy, de-guilter…. ????

Oh, and did I already say this?

STOP EATING MEAT! The one step life enhancer…”

Hugs all around…

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