DNA Analysis Of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released. The Results Prove They Were Not Human

From: DNA Analysis Of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released. The Results Prove They Were Not Human Paracas is a desert peninsula located within the Pisco [...]

Facebook Friend Captures Triangle UFO Over New Jersey House

From WEIRD NEWS / Roger Marsh A Vineland, N.J., couple thought their UFO encounter was not recorded until noticing that a friend captured the hovering craft [...]

UK – Folkestone Herald: UFO spotted over Folkestone.

From Folkestone Herald A TERRIFIED motorist has spoken of the moment an unidentified object hovered over his car while he drove home at about 35 miles per [...]

Retired NASA Astrobiologist Will Present Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life at UFO Conference

Controversial astrobiologist Richard Hoover and his colleagues at the Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham have been making worldwide [...]

Walking in the Avebury (Wiltshire, UK) flood – February 4 2014. Western edge of Village partially submerged – VIDEO

Walking in the Avebury (Wiltshire, UK) flood - February 4 2014. Western edge of the Village partially [...]

Physicist Explains Reality Of ‘Free Energy’ – VIDEO

Our world is constantly bombarded with the idea that we are facing an energy crises, that resources are too scarce in order for us to provide enough energy for [...]

Filer’s Files # 5 – 2014 General Twining’s Memo “UFO’s Are Real”

From Filers Files. Commander General Nathan Twining signed Air Material Command’s Memo “UFOs Were Real” General Twining flight logs of 1947 have [...]

‘BLT Research’ (Nancy Talbott) Reports “..first-ever crop formation in January in the northern hemisphere, in frozen grasses…”

From Nancy Talbott - BLT Research www.bltresearch.com Dear All, The first-ever crop formation in January in the northern hemisphere, in frozen grasses, [...]

Ancient Astronauts meet Modern UFO’s..

Copyright 2014 by Will Hart …”As an alternative to these nineteenth-century mechanisms, we have considered Directed Panspermia, thetheory that organisms [...]

1963 – Brit Army, Astronomer Patrick Moore And Others Investigate Wiltshire ‘Crop Circles’ ..

Charlton, Wiltshire. Reported July 1963 From 'Old Crop Circles'. Background: The Charlton Crater In July, 1963, a crater measuring 8 feet in diameter [...]

Proof of Ancient Aliens in the National Museum of Iraq?

Paula Froelich Author, "Mercury In Retrograde," journalist, traveler and author of www.abroadabroad.com   It has collections that include art and [...]

Lawsuit Alleges NASA Is Failing To Investigate Alien Life

By Colin Lecher Posted 01.28.2014 at 4:39 pm You may recall, NASA recently announced that a strange rock had somehow "appeared" in front of its Mars [...]

Soviets Report Spaceship Landings, Alien Creatures – 1989


Is this proof near-death experiences ARE real?

By PENNY SARTORI PUBLISHED: 01:36, 25 January 2014 | UPDATED: 13:07, 25 January 2014 As a nurse, I’m always cheered when I see a patient who appears [...]

UPDATE: Ibiza holiday jet in near miss with UFO over Reading

Any pilot flying holidaymakers between Manchester and Ibiza must be prepared for outlandish sights. But perhaps nothing so apparently unworldly as this. The [...]

Easter Island’s Statues Reveal Bodies Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs

MessageToEagle.com - Standing some 2,000 miles west of Chile, on the Easter Island, 887 mysterious giant statues have intrigued scientists and the public for [...]

UFO Close Encounter in Michigan on Oct 27, 2013

Originally published on Oct 28, 2013 by Research4truth12 "I live in a rural part of Michigan. The closest major city is Port Huron. I saw this object near [...]

RT: Mystery Mars rock reveals unexpected chemical composition

The rock that suddenly appeared next to the NASA’s Opportunity rover in the beginning of January turns out to have an irregular chemical composition for [...]

Mystery Of Strange Rock Suddenly Next To Mars Rover

A rock that suddenly appeared next to the Mars Opportunity rover and resembles the shape and size of a jelly doughnut has completely baffled scientists. The [...]

Scientists Report Teleportation Success..

The concept of teleportation seems to primarily come from science fiction literature throughout history, but things have recently changed. It’s 2014 and [...]

Did Iranian Fighters Battle UFOs?

As if the Iran-UFO connection (the Axis of Alien-ness?) couldn’t get any weirder, it now appears that the Iranian Air Force attempted to shoot down aircraft [...]

UFOs Are Back In Katherine, Australia

After a spate of sightings of unidentified flying objects in the skies above the Katherine region throughout 2010 and 2011, a Katherine man now claims that [...]

Mind Control in the 21st Century—Science Fiction and Beyond

“Mind control” is a topic commonly perceived as “conspiracy theory” or “X-Files” fare. That is, it is seen as possibly not “real,” and [...]

Incredible Technology: How to Search for Advanced Alien Civilisations..

Look at a picture of the Earth at night, and the world appears to be, quite literally, glowing. Now, scientists are starting to look for signs of advanced [...]

Can DMT ‘Connect’ Human Brain to a Parallel Universe?

What if DMT can lead us to parallel worlds? Theoretical physicists assume that the existence of parallel worlds is based on the phenomenon of interference, [...]

UFO Near-Miss of A320 Airbus Over London’s Heathrow Airport – Safety Board Releases Report.

“The Captain perceived an object pass within a few feet above the aircraft. It could best be described as cigar/rugby ball-like in shape, bright silver and [...]

UFO Causes German Airport To Divert Flights

While flights across the US have been cancelled due to the deep freeze of the polar vortex, flights in Bremen, Germany were cancelled for an entirely different [...]

1998 Video of ‘UFO’ Over Silbury Hill, Wiltshire – UK

The 'craft' was filmed at Silbury Hill, Wilshire in the UK in 1998. The "Unknown Object" is first shown in real time and then in infrared filming mode. The [...]

Dutch Investigative Journalist interviews Charles R Mallett – looks at the Andrew Pyrka crop circle / UFO scam

Edwin van Mossel interviews Charles R Mallett – looks at the Andrew Pyrka crop circle / UFO [...]

‘UFO’ filmed on the 29th December 2013 @ Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.

" I consider myself to be a logical person but what I witnessed with my family knocked me for six, I cannot envisage what it was so for the first time in my [...]

Why ‘experts’ were fooled by the recent CA crop circle hoax..

A mysterious 310-foot-diameter crop circle that appeared in a farmer's barley field in Chualar, Calif., was not alien made; rather it was a marketing stunt [...]


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