Bauval: ‘The Chamber Of Transformation’

By Robert Bauval:

Entering the King’s Chamber after the long and arduous climb up the Ascending Passage and the Grand Gallery will engender a mixed sense of relief, of awe, of marvel and, most of all, of otherworldliness.

You have now reached the epicenter of the mystical world of the ancient sages, the place where the transformation of the material into the spiritual supposedly took place, and where they tell us that ‘souls were directed to the stars’. As technical and scientific as I would like to remain in my description of the features of the Great Pyramid, when it comes to this chamber it is almost impossible for my mind not to automatically shift mode from rational to metaphysical thinking. Nothing can prepare you for this experience, for you are here suddenly confronted with the unknown and the mysterious, the perfection of execution, the mingling of the real and the ethereal. Everything stops, even your heartbeat for that brief moment of first encounter. There is no time here; such concept has no meaning in this space. You are in another dimension, and nothing seems as it should be, and nothing ever will again.


Photography by Robert Bauval

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