Bad Fake Crop Circle – May 30, 2015. Blandford, Dorset – UK


Blandford Forum, Dorset (5)
Reported May 30 2015

Clear signs of lumpy mechanical production throughout this crop pattern – in keeping with physical effects recorded on numerous occasions in commercially commissioned crop patterns made for media etc, suffice to say – the circle is made in strips rather than a single seamless action.. Another cropcircleconnector.con scam circle… No doubt well worth purchasing the ccc subscription for. The diagram above is not an accurate representation of the shabby circle made on ground – rather it is a representation of what the circle pattern ‘should’ have looked like….something of an inditement of the cc hoaxers capabilities, or lack thereof.

Primary aerial Photography by Lucy Pringle (c) 2015
A cropcircleconnector scam circle © ccc.con 2015
Diagram by © 2015

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