Apr 16 – First UK Crop Circle Of 2017 Reported At Cherhill, Wiltshire – A Well Made Hoax


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Reported April 16 2017

Ground report by SilentCircle

As far as we are aware this is the first ‘Crop-Circle’ reported in the UK in 2017.

The crop is Oil-Seed-Rape (Canola) at it’s full-flowering stage and standing approximately 5ft high, giving off a pungent sickly smell that fills the air in the general area.

The pattern os approximately 250fl in overall length and sits within a depression in the field. This spot has had dozens of crop-circles placed in it over the past 30 years-or-so, much to the annoyance of the farmer, no doubt.

On close inspection of this event on the ground it was abundantly clear that the pattern in it’s entirety was brought about by means of a heavy mechanical process that involved physical stomping of the plants to the ground. The vast majority of the thicker laid plants were noted as broken over at the base with further scrape-markes up many of the stems and some physical damage to the flower-heads also well apparent, as if whatever was used in the construction process was dragged over the plants for the following crush-action – rather than lifted. The thiner slightly less developed plants in the affected area were largely unbroken as they are much more rubbery, thus held to the ground by the broken plants on top of them. The pattern of damage recorded on the ground is consistent with the physical effects recorded in ‘known’ man-made (commisioned) crop-circles in this type of crop.

See a good comparison HERE between a man-made / commisioned OSR crop-circle, relative to a ‘real’ ‘anomalous’ circle event in same type of crop.

UPDATE: The farmer has stated that NO further access to his field is granted under any circumstances.


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