[1937] UFO Descends Over City Hall, Two Brothers Photograph the Craft Before Takeoff




History has many ways of surprising us if we know where to look. However, our attention has to be pointed at the alternative history, at the obscure events which mean nothing to science, but in reality they could change the way we see and understand life in our Solar System and beyond.

7tales.net reports..

In 1937, Leonard Lamoureaux, age 21 was on leave from the army when he decided to visit Vancouver City Hall in order to take a few photos of the brilliant Christmas light display. Accompanying him was his brother Wilfred.

After they found a good spot to take the photos, a sudden “bright blue light” descending from the sky puzzled them both. It became larger and larger as it zoomed into their line of sight, and after a while the two brothers managed to see the source from where all this bright light was coming.

Leonardo depicted the bizarre sighting as “two saucers” with open ends, facing each other and glowing bright blue. After the UFO got quite close to the city hall, it started to slowly move horizontally across the sky until it reached the top of the flagpole. From there, the luminous craft hovered for a moment in front of the two astounded brothers, and fortunately that was enough for Leonardo to immortalize the moment using his camera.

After that brief moment, the bright UFO took off rapidly without making any specific engine sound, as the two described. They were shocked because of what they’ve seen, and couldn’t explain what actually happened there.

We’ve never seen anything fly so fast.

Even though Leonard Lamoureux and his bother Wilfred passed away some time ago, their unique UFO episode still lives on through Leonard’s daughter, Debra DeCamillis who still resides in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area.

The negative has been lost due to the passing of time, thus leading some skeptics into believing that what the picture reveals is nothing more than a watermark defect caused by the development of the print. However, Leonard’s daughter contradicts the nonbelievers by telling about her father who seemed so excited every time he told others about this peculiar event. Debra also stated that:

I know for a fact there was no bubbles on the film, or watermarks because I was fascinated by negatives as a child and saw that negative many times. On the rest of the pictures there was nothing but pictures of lights, so I know it had no bubbles or watermarks on it.




She provided additional details regarding this UFO encounter, all the information originating from her father’s tales and analysis of the event:

The camera was on a tri-pod of sorts because Dad was trying to take sequential shots of the courthouse to capture all the lights. But he was not using a timed exposure, his camera was not sophisticated enough. He did say that he could actually see the bubble or tail as he called it that the object was encapsulated in.

The detailed description of the event along with the disputed picture offers amazing proof of the UFO phenomenon seen almost one hundred years ago in a time when CGI and Photoshop were nothing but faint idea.

Another thing to note is the remarkable likeness between the object from this photo and another seen in a fresco from 1350. The objects from both images show similar characteristics, while at the same time fitting the description of present days ET crafts and some UFOs




Could there be indeed a link between these two appearances? If so, could this connection extend to religion, since both objects appear in a religious and holy environment? Is it possible that extraterrestrials beings were involved (and maybe still are) in religious affairs, thus explaining the miraculous deeds of different saints or prophets throughout history? (…)

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